San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

San Fran is known for a few things

  1. The Golden Gate Bridge

  2. The Cable Cars

  3. The Painted Ladies (as seen on Full House)

  4. Lombard Street

  5. The Food and Restaurants (Some local restaurants serve the Joes Special or the Hangtown Fry and of course get Mexican!

Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

Lombard Street

Lombard Street

Sausalito: Bar Bocce

One of the best things we did was take an Uber across the Golden Gate Bridge to have brunch in Sausalito. We took the ferry back, so we could get the scenic view of the bridge and city, but Uber was about the same price for 3 people. If you want to save some time- I highly suggest it. We got to Bar Bocce as soon as it opened at 11. Bar Bocce is poppin on the weekends, so get there early if you don’t have a reservation. The food and scene was incredible. Its on a small beach in a harbor with bocce and great brunch food. We loved our drinks too! (pictures below)

Papito Hayes

We were shopping and strolling in Hayes Valley and found Papito Hayes. Papito Hayes is a Mexican bistro serving organic fare. They have some outdoor seating, a small bar and a colorful dining room. We loved their tacos!

Kate’s Kitchen

This little brunch spot in lower Haight has all the southern comfort you need in a big city. It seemed like you couldn’t go wrong with any breakfast items. The sausage gravy and biscuits, corn beef hash and all the eggs seemed fantastic. We got an order of hush puppies, corn meal pancakes and a yogurt, granola, fruit plate (they were generous on the fresh fruit). This is totally the place for a hangover feast. It’s small, comforting and nothing fancy. We would totally recommend Kate’s.


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We enjoyed Belga’s atmosphere and steak. Belga is on Union street in the Cow Hollow Neighborhood which is a fun area if you’re looking to go out after dinner. All three of us got the steak frites for dinner, but it was a hit! We would go back to Belga anytime.


We went to Bullitt for some gourmet bar food and to finish watching the football games. If you’re really getting down and dirty with wings, nachos, and fries, it’s the place to be.