View from our hotel

View from our hotel

20 minute walk to the Colosseum

20 minute walk to the Colosseum

Accommodations: Hotel- Albergo Del Senato Piazza Della Rotonda 73, Rome, RM, 00186

Highlights: Very central, can walk to almost all the sites, moderately priced

Downfalls: Room’s are small and included breakfast was mediocre


They say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but the question is can you see Rome in a day? We’ll we had a day and a half and we were able to see a bunch of sites. These are not the ideal circumstances if you like to take in the history, but we got it done.


  1. The Colosseum

  2. Roman Forum

  3. The Pantheon

  4. Circus Maximus

  5. The Spanish Steps

  6. Trevi Fountain

  7. Sistene Chapel

  8. The vatican

  9. St. Peter’s

  10. Trestevere (Favorite spot to walk around in daytime or evening to find restaurants and get drinks. It is the oldest neighborhood in Rome. It reminded of the lower east side of Manhattan)

    • If you would like some of the most amazing views you can walk from Trestevere up the Janiculum hill that overlooks the entire city.

    • Synagogue and Jewish Museum - right along the tiber

    • Some restaurants recommended in the Trestevere area are Antica Pesa, Dar poeta, Spirito Divino, La Scala, Fontanone in Piazza Trilussa and San Calisto (for really good pizza)

      • Yogo Fruit (yogurt) that you can mix all different toppings in.

      • Oranges Café ( for fresh squeezed O.J.)


Our first day in Rome was a half day so we went to see the Spanish steps and do some shopping. We walked on Via dei Condotti until we were hungry. We love to find spots and not have every meal planned. We wondered around a little bit and came acrosss Trattoria Montecarlo. It was empty, but it looked a lot less touristy then the other spots. We loved their pizza and pasta and would definitely recommend it if you’re nearby. Pictures Below.

*Also, if you climb up the Spanish Steps and walk along the path behind them you will find great views of the piazza and the Pincio Gardens which is an amazing area to explore.



Mushroom Pizza

Mushroom Pizza


Adress: Via Dei Montecatini, 12 -Roma (Via Del Corso)

I highly recommend this restaurant!! It is also walking distance from the Trevi fountain which is amazing at night. We loved the classic spaghetti with pepper and Parmesan- it was out of this world. The pistachio tiramisu is also a must order.

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Lunch at Hosteria “Dar Buttero”

We found this quiet spot in Trestevere. It caught our eye because there were many other Italians in the restaurant and it had a back garden. I would recommend this place for sure!

rome 7.jpg
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Dinner at Hosteria Del Moro

Also known as Tony’s (in Trestevere) - If you studied abroad between 2008-2012 you will definitely remember this place. I went out of my way to find it because I remember thinking they had the best Americanized/Italian food (Chicken Parmesan and Penne Alla Vodka). This was a disappointment, to say the least. I’m not sure if the chef has changed or just my taste buds, but it was sub-par compared to all the other restaurants we went to in Rome.

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tonya 2.jpg

Gelato at Don Nino

I’m in for almost any Gelato in Italy and this place was excellent! I definitely had too much to drink before I got there, but I’m pretty certain it’s worth the stop!! It is especially worth it if you are visiting the pantheon because it’s right around the corner. Another great one near the Pantheon is Gelateria della Palma.


MORE Restaurants

  1. Gusto (make reservations for downstairs)

  2. Restaurant 34 (near the Spanish Steps on Via Maria de Fiori)

  3. Insalatta Rica (any kind of salad you want- there are a few locations)

  4. Shaki Wine Bar (next to Restaurant 34 –really good salads)

  5. Due Ladroni in Piazza Nicosia

  6. La Carabonara and Heartbreak in Campo de Fiori

  7. SUSHI: ATM sushi and Ukiyo (Japanese Restaurant by the Spanish Steps on Via di Propaganda)

  8. Tre Scalini (in Piazza Navona )

  9. Ombre Rosse –a good café

  10. Massi Café – another great café for lunch